MRI is considered the most innovative and useful method to detect the underlying medical issues. Though it is highly useful from the doctor’s point of view, undergoing it is very frightening for many people especially to those who have fear when confined. They become restless when unable to move. A better solution has been brought about by way of open and upright MRI scans. The advantages of this machine have been listed below.

  • Most MRI machines create the fear in patients as they are closed and it takes a while for the scanning to complete. Some of the machines happen to be open machines, but not really. An open upright MRI brain scan in East Brunswick, NJ is different. It can be called a truly open machine. The patients are not caged in and can see the rest of the room. They can also be seated and need not lie down. This creates confidence in the minds of people, especially to those who are claustrophobic.
  • An upright MRI machine is the one that can help position the patients in many different ways. They can be sitting, bending, or also standing. This does not affect the process of scanning. The regular machines can scan only if the patient lies down and as already seen, it is very difficult for certain people.
  • The regular MRI machines create a lot of noise when inside. Being caught inside a machine with some continuous sound creates an uncomfortable situation for many. The sound is considerably lesser in an upright machine. It is milder and can be tolerated during the scanning time. Also, since they are not totally enclosed, the sound is not a big botheration. They can even call for assistance if they require.
  • The upright scan is considered more efficient and also reliable than the regular ones. It is felt that some issues may not be brought to light when patients are lying down. Detailed analysis can be made with open upright scan with better quality images. Radiologists feel that a better conclusion can be arrived at after using the upright machine.