Silica gel is a terrific material that keeps our various possessions fresh and moisture-free. Albeit it is known as gel as it comes in strong, crystal shape. It is packed in adorable, little sachets that are placed in the cartons of a range of objects e.g., medications, footwear, electronic appliances, food products, etc. These sachets sop up the humidity in the air around the materials and protect them from being spoilt by mould and rust. Silica gel is a form of sodium dioxide generated from sodium silicate. The silica gel that we get in containers is in form of utterly minute droplets or crystals that seem very sumptuous. Additionally, the dainty sachets look sumptuous, albeit they should not be nibbled. Silica gel has enormous affinity for water molecules and hence absorbs the dampness. It is capable to absorb dampness up to 40 percent of its mass.

So, if it is ingested it sucks up water vapour in our alimentary canal and causes stomach upset. When by accident you or anybody you know absorbs it, you should drink a great deal of water to balance the humidity. If crucial signs are detected, you need to contact doctor. However, common silica gel is non-poisonous so that you don’t need to be afraid if it is ingested by mistake. However, there are certain other types of silica gel known as moisture absorber. The object put into function as an index is cobalt oxide, which can be poisonous. So, it ought to be rigorously kept away from children in addition to animals. Adults have barely any danger to ingest silica gel since there are warnings in daring form on the packets, saying, ‘Not to Eat’.

Silica gel is reusable. If It is full of humidity, then you can hear It in sun or microwave and it is going to be dehydrated thus you are able to utilize it repeatedly. Largely silica gel can be considered as the most harmless drying Agent since it is reusable and if at all it is disposed of, it does not impart any injury to the environment. When put in with other commodities, it does not trickle from the packs and hence does not damage the object. It can be placed almost with any substance. It is of plenty of use to shield valuables such as leather articles, clothing, lenses of cameras and digital appliances. Owing to its quality to soak up dampness, silica gel generates Inflammatory signals after coming in contact with skin or eyes. In that circumstance, do not worry and wash the affected body area with ample water. It will correct the problem.