Carpets are beautiful and no wonder they add beauty to the aesthetics of your home. As much as carpets are appealing, you have to understand that it only looks good when it is clean. A dirty, stained carpet is not really a good sight. And as much as easy it is to say that the carpets have to be clean, cleaning the carpet is quite a hassle.

How Does Commercial Carpet Cleaning Work?

Majority of the commercial carpet cleaning service in Denver, CO is attributed to the vacuum cleaners. If you have a vacuum cleaner, just vacuuming alone will make your carpet look 10 times cleaner. The carpet cleaners use a solution for cleaning, scrubbers, and the vacuuming suction. Once the solution for carpet cleaning is injected into your carpet, the scrubbing brushes remove the dirt from the carpet, and finally the vacuum suction helps in removing the dirt.

What Are The Common Carpet Cleaning Techniques?

Like every other work, cleaning carpet has several techniques which are followed by carpet cleaners. Since carpets are made of different materials, the cleaning process is made specific for each type of carpet.

Here are the most common carpet cleaning techniques:

Hot Water Extraction Method

This method is also called steam cleaning. This process makes use of hot water at a very high temperature, so that the hot water penetrates into the carpet and loosens the dirt. Steam cleaning takes up to an hour to clean and drying carpet usually takes twice the time.

Bonnet Cleaning

This method is commonly used in restaurants and in places of business. It is said to be one of the fastest methods of cleaning carpets. Bonnet cleaning focuses on cleaning dirt at surface level. It is like a quick fix method but still it does manage to give a clean look to the carpet.

Carpet Shampooing

The carpet shampooing method is one of the oldest methods when it comes to commercial carpet cleaning. It involves using a foaming substance that is worked on to a brush and finally is applied to the carpet. Though this process removes dirt exceptionally well, it is time consuming. After the carpet shampooing is done, dry vacuuming is done so that any other dirt is removed.