It’s no secret that the advertising that used to work just a few years ago is becoming less and less effective every day. There are more places to access media and more ways to avoid it.

Google direct response Media Group knows that when people go to the mailbox, no matter which mailbox they’re using, they’re doing one thing and one thing only by reading your mail. That’s why we always focus on providing consumers with great value at the mailbox and in today’s economy.

Letters are the key to sales conversion

Direct mailer has better response rates than online campaigns, but competition is high each year; households receive more than 500 direct mail pieces. If your campaign doesn’t make a great impression in just five seconds, your mail isn’t getting opened right away, or it will sell the hell out of a product or service, using strong words and a tone of voice that is in line with the brand. From the opening sentence to the end of the signing, it will interest you. It will engage you so that you nod your head and figure out ways to pay for this great new product or service.

Make a Letter Through a Quick Test  

It has been said that no matter what is written, users will scan it, from top to tail, to select important information and see if it is worth their time.

Then again, it’s easy to say all that. But in practice, when you’re staring at a blank paper, it can be a daunting task to fill in with the kind of language that will ring the phone or a website flooded with messages.

Don’t Be Tempted to Open Up with Crass Humorous, Puns, or Pushy Statements

You don’t want to show off your vast vocabulary, and you don’t want to sound dumb. Speak as people speak, and don’t be afraid to break grammar rules. You don’t write a letter to win an English scholarship; you write to communicate. Want to use a one-word sentence? All right.

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